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Case 1

A medium sized Jewelry Manufacturer had problems delivering on time and showed an unsatisfactory profit situation.

CRMC did an analysis of the set-up. The result showed problems in Production Planning, Casting and Polishing (resulting in an unacceptably high rework rate). In addition, intercultural challenges between the German Head Office and the set up in Asia had never been addressed. CRMC recommended Management Consulting as the existing Management seemed fit for the job, just needed direction. Next, CRMC eliminated the flaws of the existing PPL system. At the same time, we offered on-the-job training in our affiliated training center for the casting and polishing staff of our customer. This resulted in a significantly improved rework rate. Last but not least, team coaching at our company owned facility was offered to local and German staff, who worked together on a daily basis. Within just 3 months, the problems were addressed and resolved successfully.


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