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Cr Management Consulting

Most frequent assignments - Overview

  • A subsidiary company in Thailand or China shows an unsatisfactory profit situation

  • A factory doesn’t deliver on time / does not deliver the necessary quality

  • Customer is in need of lasting improvements for a local set-up e.g. with the help of state of the art management tools

  • Customer has Head Office abroad and as a consequence encounters difficulties taking care of local set ups in China or Thailand

  • Customer starts doing business in Thailand or China

  • Customer quits doing business in China or Thailand

  • Customer merges companies in Thailand and/or China

  • Executives of local companies have to be replaced

  • Customer needs reliable implementation of urgent projects, but has no management capacity available

  • Compliance

  • Customer wants to take advantage of China Asean FTA (Free Trade Agreement)



- Management Consulting
- Interim Management
- Executive Search

 Core Services

- Turnaround Management
- Due Diligence
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Project Management
- Law and Tax
- Business Planning
- Marketing Planning

 Special Services

- Change Management
- Process Optimization
- On-the-job Training
- Coaching
- Supply Chain Management
- Web Design
- Corporate Design


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