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CR Management Consulting

Special Services

  • Change Management / Process Optimization
    You want to optimize processes in your company. CRMC can help you define your goals, formulating new processes and train your staff accordingly
  • On-the-job Training
    For jewelry business CRMC is in a position to provide on-the-job training for all production steps (location: Bangkok). Once we know the weaknesses of your factory, we will train your staff exactly where needed and help them overcome their difficulties. Similar co-operations are planned for further industries
  • Coaching
    Experience shows individual and team coaching plays a key role during implementation of changes. In today’s competitive environment the importance of a well-functioning team cannot be overestimated. To help you achieve this goal, CRMC has a company owned coaching center just an hour and a half from Bangkok for shared, positive experience team-building in an ideal environment. Special programs are available to tackle intercultural challenges
  • Supply Chain Management
    We take a look at your logistics from a strategic, structural and functional point of view. Once processes are adjusted, competent implementation is next. In most cases IT systems also need to be adjusted and staff has to be trained
  • Web Design / Corporate Design
    The internet plays an ever growing role in today’s competitive business environment. To add or create a Chinese or a Thai website with your existing site, CRMC offers professional web designs that mirror your desired image and take local particularities into account.


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